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About Us

The Certified Business Professional (CBP) program is an international foundation level industry neutral credential. Launched in 2003 and developed by the International Business Training Association (IBTA) together with a team of subject matter experts who drew on industry wide and cross-platform job task analysis.

IBTA’s mission is to equip business professionals with the skills and certification required to meet and surpass business standards across global industries.

After two years of initial consultation and development, the IBTA officially released its business certifications in 2003 under the brand of the Certified Business Professional (CBP).  With partners in the U.S., Canada, UK,  Asia, India, China, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Africa, Middle East, Australia, Latin America and the Caribbean, IBTA’s CBP certification is the fastest growing global standard for essential business skills.

A typical CBP candidate is an aspiring professional in pursuit of excellence who is committed to exceeding and surpassing all standards in a business environment. An added bonus of CBP courses is the development of important life skills that transcend the work environment into many aspects of daily life.

The Value of CBP Certification

Most jobs have a core set of required business skills.  CBP certification provides the differentiator between 'ordinary employment seekers' and 'certified professionals' through learning specific skill sets.  Business ethics, industry standards and certification of professionals become critical to ensure higher performance standards are achieved in the workplace.

Benefits of CBP certification to a company

  • Establishes a culture of best practice
  • Uniform certification credentials across all company locations
  • Simple and reliable program that can be integrated into recruitment and staffing processes
  • Maximise workforce productivity whilst minimizing training costs

Benefits of CBP certification to an aspiring business professional

  • Career differentiator
  • Confirms working knowledge of business skills
  • Certification pathway for career development
  • Acquired business and life skills
  • Essential and relevant business skills required in most jobs across all industries